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Landgrab resource page

(¡Se adueñan de la tierra! | L'accaparement des terres)

Seed Magazine imageIn October 2008, GRAIN released a report on the new trend in landgrabbing spurred on by the food and financial crises. A large number of governments and corporations are out scouring the globe right now in search of productive farmland to buy or to lease for offshore food production. For governments, like those of the Gulf States or China, such "farming abroad" schemes are meant to provide for their own country's food security, over a longterm period. Corporations, on the other hand, are looking for shorter term payoffs after the recent meltdown of financial markets. In all cases, control over land is being handed over to foreign investors who will produce food for export. Most of this new landgrabbing is taking place in Africa and Asia, but also in fertile regions of Eastern Europe and Latin America.

This page pulls together some additional resource material. If you would like to post information about your intiative here, contact us at landgrab (at)

Daily updates

Food crisis and the global land grab blog: Daily news clippings in (mostly) English, French and Spanish. GRAIN initiated this blog, but anyone is welcome to get involved. You can subscribe to the RSS feed to follow the latest posts. You can also comment freely on any news report.

GRAIN materials

"Rice land grabs undermine food sovereignty in Africa", Against the grain, January 2009. (Libya is getting hold of riceland in Mali through its sovereign wealth fund)

English | français

"Grabbing land for food", Seedling, January 2009. (A summary of the October 2008 report)

GRAIN, "Korean women farmers on the Daewoo/Madagascar land deal", interview with Han Young Me, Chief of Policy, Korean Women Peasants Association, Dae-gu, South Korea, 4 December 2008. (Video and transcript, English and French subtitltes)
English | français

"Seized: The 2008 land grab for food and financial security", briefing, October 2008 (GRAIN's original 10-page report, available in English, French and Spanish, Arabic and Bahasa Indonesia). The Annex to this briefing is a table with over 100 cases of land grabbing for offshore food production as presented in this report.
Main report: Arabic pdf | Bahasa Indonesia pdf | English | français | Español
Annex: Arabic pdf | Bahasa Indonesia pdf | English | français | Español

Map compiled by Panorama (in Catalan) using data from GRAIN, January 2009

Map compiled by The Guardian using data from GRAIN, November 2008
Landgrab map

Map compiled by Le Monde using data from GRAIN, April 2009

Map compiled by the Comité Catholique Contre la Faim et pour le Développement (CCFD, France) for La Vie magazine, April 2009, using data from GRAIN - Terres à vendre CCFD-map

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