miércoles, mayo 13, 2009

The latest from Naomi Klein's electronic newsletter:

Rachel Maddow Asks Naomi About Wall Street Impunity

Naomi spoke with Rachel Maddow last week about the bank stress tests, crony capitalism and the impunity of Wall Street. Naomi explains that her prime concern "is that the crisis on Wall Street created by deregulated capitalism is not actually being solved; it's being moved. A private sector crisis is being turned into a public sector crisis." Watch the segment.

Naomi Tells Charlie Rose "It's Time to Put Away the (Obama) T-shirts"

On his May 11th show, Charlie Rose asked Naomi and author William Greider about the state of the economic crisis and the next steps President Obama should take. Naomi points out that "the love of Obama is so over the top and this thing that happens to us, particularly in times of crisis, where we almost regress and we want to believe our leaders are going to take care of us--I think that's unhealthy--I think it's time to put away the t-shirts and all the memorabilia. He is the president of the most powerful nation on Earth and the superfan culture of the campaign has to be replaced with an engaged citizen culture that puts respectful pressure from below." Watch the rest of the discussion about Obama's handling of the economy.

Naomi Calls for "Law and Order" for Torturers

This past Friday, Naomi participated in a panel discussion with Rolling Stone journalist Matt Taibbi, author Reza Aslan, and Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane on Real Time with Bill Maher. They debated torture trials and the prosecution of torturers. Naomi said, "I think the reason why you have the trial, why you have congressional hearings, is actually to try to convince the whole nation why torture is wrong, why it is immoral, why this is such a dangerous road to go down...This is where we draw the dividing line between right/wrong, legal/illegal. And we need to redraw it." Watch the clip.

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