jueves, enero 20, 2011

Some items from the Center for Media and Democracy newsletter

Booya! Latest Wall Street Innovation: Twitter Trading
by Mary Bottari

TwittermoneyTwo years after a catastrophic financial collapse and six months after the passage of a Wall Street reform bill, astonishing tales of volatility in the market are all too common. If you think inexplicable flash crashes are worrisome, brace yourself for the next big financial "innovation" -- Twitter Trading.

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Wendell Potter's Book Tour Visits Snowbound Madison
by CMD Staff

On Monday, January 17, over one hundred brave souls trudged through several inches of Wisconsin snow to see Wendell Potter, Center for Media and Democracy's (CMD) Senior Fellow on Health Care, visit Madison's Goodman Community Center as part of his cross-country tour signing Deadly Spin: An insurance company insider speaks out on how corporate PR is killing health care and deceiving Americans.

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What Does Wikileaks Have on Bank of America?
by Mary Bottari

For more on the banks and banksters, go to www.banksterusa.org

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is promising to unleash a cache of secret documents from the hard drive of a U.S. megabank executive. In 2009, he told Computer World that the bank was Bank of America (BofA). In 2010 he told Forbes that the information was significant enough to "take down a bank or two," but that he needed time to lay out the information in a more user-friendly format.

Recent new reports suggest that BofA is now moving into high gear on damage control, creating a "war room" and buying up hundreds of derogatory Internet domain namesBankofAmericaSucks.com and BrianMoynihanblows.com (referring to BofA's Chief Executive Officer). including

Before the big banks start calling for Assange's internment at Guantanamo, the question worth considering is what does Wikileaks have on America's largest bank?

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