miércoles, febrero 23, 2011

Astroturf for Hire, Climate Change Denial

Two items from the Center for Media and Democracy's "The Spin" online newsletter:

Astroturf for Hire
Source: National Public Radio

Bank lobbyists have descended en masse to influence new regulations and some firms seem to think their advocacy would be more effective if it came from grassroots groups and not corporations. Some have even forged letters in the hopes of influencing regulators. Find out more about the astroturfing and forgeries.

The Kochs' Climate Change Denial Media Machine
Source: Mother Jones, February 4, 2011

Billionaire brothers, Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries, the second largest privately-held energy company in America, have poured millions of dollars into creating a web of media influence to increase their power to sow doubt aboclimate change. Learn more about the groups they are funding to spin public opinion.

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