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Organic ag is good for poor countries

Organic agriculture a good option for LDCs

At the recent Fourth United Nations Conference on Least Developed Countries, the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) launched their short film on “Organic Agriculture: A Good Option for LDCs” at the High-Level Interactive Thematic Debate on “Reducing Vulnerabilities, Responding to Emerging Challenges, and Enhancing Food Security in the LDCs”.

In tandem, an UNCTAD policy brief on “Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security in LDCs” calls for a “fundamental transformation, even a revolution, in agriculture”, in order to address the problems faced by in the rural areas of the LDCs.

This transformation should not be based on expensive, imported external inputs, as going down the high-external- input-dependent, industrial agriculture route places LDCs in a situation of extreme vulnerability. UNCTAD asserts instead that the transformation should be based on sustainable agriculture, which focuses on ecological, and not chemical intensification of agricultural production.

The policy brief highlights research by the UN and numerous other bodies, which demonstrates that sustainable agriculture improves food supply, nutrition and livelihoods in LDCs. It also provides recommendations for policy makers.

The film and policy brief are available at:〈=1

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Least Developed Countries Series
UNCTAD Policy Briefs No. 20/C, May 2011

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security in LDCs

The most critical issues facing LDCs today are poverty and hunger. These issues related to each other and to environmental degradation. LDCs are primarily agricultural economies with nearly 70% of the population engaged in agriculture. The vast majority of the poor and food insecure are in rural areas. Therefore poverty alleviation and food security must start in these areas.


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