miércoles, junio 27, 2012

The Dinner Party: Benh Zeitlin, All-American Etiquette, and the Automat


Courtesy Fox Searchlight Behn Zeitlin

Episode 154: Benh Zeitlin, All-American Etiquette, and the Automat

This week: Filmmaker Benh Zeitlin ("Beasts of the Southern Wild") paints with an axe... Michael Ian Black and Meghan McCain swear they can answer your etiquette questions peacefully... Actress Alison Pill, of Aaron Sorkin's new show "The Newsroom," takes us behind-the-scenes... New Yorker receptionist Janet Groth reflects on (almost) being Mrs. John Berryman... Lunching at the 'Automat'...Plus, doubled data, a summer fashion preview, and a soundtrack from playful pop band Micachu and the Shapes. Read more...

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