lunes, julio 09, 2012

Wrong on peak oil (?)

I hate to be right about this subject. Here is the column I wrote about peak oil back in January 2008:

Here is George Monbiot's new column on peak oil:


We were wrong on peak oil. There's enough to fry us all

A boom in oil production has made a mockery of our predictions. Good news for capitalists – but a disaster for humanity

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Anonymous James dijo...

You might want to read these before you become too convinced of your position:

Response to Leonardo Maugeri's Decline Rate Assumptions in "Oil: The Next Revolution"

Tech Talk - New Energy Report from Harvard Makes Unsupportable Assumptions

Tech Talk - The "Best of the Rest" in Saudi Arabia

Tech Talk - Saudi Arabia and What Lies Ahead

Tech Talk - Current Oil Production and the Future of Ghawar

Ruthless Extrapolation

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