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Agustín Edwards: The unfinished story, by John Dinges


The story of the CIA in Chile is still being told, and has continued to be told as new details have emerged over the years about what the secret actions of the CIA in Chile. Yet still the best kept — and most controversial — secret is the identity of what must have been dozens, perhaps hundreds of Chilean citizens who took money from the CIA. But we know this much: the U.S. government allocated almost US$10 million for the the CIA to spend in Chile between 1970 and 1973 with the express purpose of overthrowing the Allende experiment...

...Agustín Edwards, the owner of El Mercurio, who was then — and is now — the most powerful newspaper man in Chile. The CIA revealed new information about Edwards and his paper last week that shows, at the very least, that his involvement with the CIA was far more extensive than previously known. The revelations are contained in a new documentary history released by the U.S. government and in the personal testimony of a former CIA agent, Jack Devine — who happens to be the same CIA jokester I interviewed for my book.

In an article in Foreign Affairs, Devine says that when he worked in Chile as a 31 year old agent he was the man in charge of the media portfolio for the CIA, especially the financing of El Mercurio. He confirms that US$2 million was given to El Mercurio in 1972-1973...

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