miércoles, agosto 05, 2015

I want my Telesur!

Demand your teleSUR, RT, PressTV, and CCTV! 

Mighty new television networks based in South America, Russia, China and Iran are locked in what could only be described as an epic battle against the omnipresent Western propaganda and indoctrination networks.
Their programs can be seen all over the globe, and they have been dramatically changing the lives of millions in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, even in some hubs of the Empire itself, like New York and London. Lies of colonialist and imperialist demagoguery are painstakingly challenged. Those who used to be voiceless are now being clearly heard.
It is a breathtaking, truly beautiful battle, and those of us who are at the front line of it, by making films, writing for or speaking on the airwaves of the anti-imperialist networks, are thoroughly determined to give our very best, and if necessary, even to risk our lives!
Some of us went very close to death, in the toughest slums of Africa, Asia and Latin America, or at the battlefields, at the corners of the world where almost no one really dares to go. We confronted the Empire. Some made that one extra step, crossed the invisible line, and fell; never came back. Others managed to return, just to be spat at by those who never left the couch, for not going “all the way”, for surviving, for somehow managing not to die.
Why am I writing this?
Because much was already done, plenty was sacrificed! I just left South America, departed from my beloved continent, a continent I am fighting for, whose revolutions are also mine. And while, this time, I worked really feverishly in Ecuador, Brazil, and Paraguay and briefly in Argentina and Mexico, I realized that here, of all the places, we – our media - are not yet managing to influence the people as much we hoped to.
How little of RT, PressTV, CCTV, even teleSUR reaches ordinary people!

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