viernes, diciembre 18, 2015

My friend Kim Todd. She's going places!

Kim and I are both senior fellows of the Environmental Leadership Program.

Kim Todd Joins Creative Writing Program Faculty

The writer of creative nonfiction has published three books on intersections of people and environment
AUGUST 17, 2015
Assistant Professor Kim Todd
Assistant Professor Kim Todd
Her work has been called "spellbinding" (by The New Yorker) and "beautifully written" (byOutside magazine). In the fall of 2014, the Creative Writing Program welcomed creative nonfiction writer Kim Todd to the faculty roster. Todd has written one book about that vagabond Sparrow, another about a female naturalist who, in 1699, voyaged from Amsterdam to South America to study insect metamorphosis (Chrysalis: Maria Sibylla Merian and the Secrets of Metamorphosis), and her self-explanatory first, Tinkering with Eden: A Natural History of Exotics in America. It's no surprise she holds masters in both environmental studies and creative writing (from the University of Montana).

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