lunes, octubre 11, 2004

My friend, compatriot and environmental leader Juan Rosario has just won one of the Ford Foundation's highest awards.

2004 Award Recipients

Juan Rosario, Misión Industrial de Puerto Rico - San Juan, Puerto Rico

photo by Cindy Karp

‘Without a Vision, Strategies are Useless’

Juan E. Rosario raises awareness of Puerto Rico's ecological crisis and teaches individuals to create systemwide solutions for everyone's benefit.

The challenge

For the people of Puerto Rico, pollution is not a disposable problem; island living imposes its own limits. What might be absorbed or hidden on a larger landmass can be immediately devastating on an island. Juan Rosario believes that developing an ecologically sustainable economy is dependent on developing a sustainable sense of community. “Too many people have learned to behave like victims. They think the solution to their problems will come from outside. Also, many do not often have the technical, organizing, and legal knowledge to fight back or to create better alternatives.” As a result, many developers and polluting industries have long ignored or skirted laws meant to protect society from environmental pollution and other abuses.

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