jueves, mayo 26, 2011

Spain protests- Installing Democracy 2.0


SpanishRevolution – Instaling Democracy 2.0

It has been truly incredible to witness the Democracia Real Ya! (Real Democracy Now!) movement explode all over Spain over the last week, and even more exciting to participate in these days where the whole idea of “Democracy” is being completely re-examined and re-constructed. In streets, squares and parks all over Spain people are asking themselves what sort of world do they want and how are they going to create it. In fact, the simple yet truly powerful gesture is being replicated right the way around this planet at present. Strange and amazing days to be alive, YA!

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SPANISHREVOLUTION: Instalando Democracia 2.0 en España

Democracia Real Ya! (Real Democracy Now!)

Democracy in action @ Placa Catalunya: via @acampadabcn

Wiggling hands means “I agree” at @acampadaBCN

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