domingo, agosto 16, 2015

My latest article on environmental conflict in Ecuador

Pope, with Green Reforms, Keeps Odd Company - WhoWhatWhy 

This week, as interest in his bold initiatives continued to grow, Pope Francis met with mayors from around the world energized by his bold new encyclical on the environment. Among leaders who have associated themselves closely with the Pope and his project, few are as passionately outspoken as Rafael Correa, the president of Ecuador.
During a recent three-day Papal visit to Ecuador, Correa took every opportunity to tout his “Leftist” government’s commitment to environmental sustainability and justice for the poor–all in accord with the encyclical.  And the Pope lent credence to Correa’s influence as well.
Yet this embrace should raise eyebrows. Because Correa is absorbed in a fierce and dirty battle with environmental activists in his own country that calls the entire notion into question.
Also in question is why this seemingly idealistic and well-informed Pope does not seem to notice the contradiction.

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