lunes, marzo 15, 2004

At the GMO corn symposium in Oaxaca one scientist was really rattled off by protesters who denounced that many scientists had sold out to industry, in this case biologists and agronomists to the biotech industry. The man (I forget his name) responded that that was an outrageous charge; that perhaps a few had sold out to vested interests but that such cases were not at all representative of the neutral, impartial, public-spirited scientific community.

A couple of days after that exchange, a friend from Columbia University's Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory brought to my attention this excellent link, it's the Center for Science in the Public Interest's research into the ties of scientists and non profit groups to major corporations:

Right along those lines, journalist Matt Weiser of the Bakersfield Californian recommends Sheldon Krimsky's latest book, titled "Science in the Private Interest: Has the Lure of Profits Corrupted Biomedical Research?". Check out the New York Times review:


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