jueves, noviembre 18, 2004

Marin County goes GMO-free

Califorians for GE-Free Agriculture Organic veggies

Marin County Votes to Ban GE Crops

Marin County became the third Californian county to ban genetically engineered (GE) crops after months of grassroots campaigning. The measure won with 62 percent of the vote.

"Despite the Farm Bureau's statewide misinformation campaign, the people in Marin have spoken: we do not want GE crops," said Ronnie Cummins, executive director of the Organic Consumers Association.

The Farm Bureau and other representatives of corporate agribusiness outspent local initiative supporters five to one.

Similar measures in San Luis Obispo and Butte Counties were rejected, while Humboldt County's effort was purposely foiled because supporters wished to make it more legally binding.

Despite these setbacks, other counties are gathering signatures for future ballot measures and organizers remain optimistic.

"We are not the least bit deterred by the losses in San Luis Obispo, Butte and Humboldt counties," said Dave Henson, campaign director for GE-Free Sonoma, which is gathering signatures for a ballot measure. "This relatively young grassroots movement of family farmers and citizens is just starting to gain momentum."

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