viernes, agosto 21, 2015

Is Ecuador's Left Working with the Right Against Correa?, by Pablo Vivanco

From outside, Ecuador is now a paradox where organizations callings themselves leftist are mobilizing against a government calling itself socialist. A closer look reveals a trail of political schisms and realignments – especially increasing collaboration between right and left movements and parties against Correa – in what is amounts to a struggle for power over the country’s highest office.

Conaie, along with the electoral wing and mass fronts for the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Ecuador (PCMLE), were significant actors in the street mobilizations that brought down former president Jamil Mahuad (2000) and later Gutierrez (2005). 
 As many have pointed out, they were also part of the broad left front that brought Correa to power in 2006. With Correa’s PAIS (Proud and Sovereign Homeland) Alliance freshly formed, he sought the support of Conaie, its electoral arm Pachakutik as well as the PCMLE electoral wing the Popular Democratic Movement (MPD) in the campaign. 

 The first major rift occurred when Correa approached Pachakutik, offering to put their candidate for the position of vice president. According to journalist Juan Meriguet Martinez, “Correa held out to the eleventh hour hoping (Pachakutik) would accept the offer.” Pachakutik instead insisted on their leader, Luis Macas, running for President and Correa running as vice president. 

 Both Pachakutik and the MPD ran their own candidates, but ultimately supported Correa in the second round of voting.

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